Welcome To Daro Group

Pride in UK Manufacturing

Light Years Ahead is a 100% owned subsidiary of The Daro Group Ltd and fits perfectly with the The Daro Group strategy – ‘to develop, either organically or through acquisition, product businesses which leverage the Group's core capabilities in design, manufacture, assembly and distribution.’

LYA directly benefits from the Daro Group structure, which is purposefully designed to deliver the best of both small and large companies.

As with Daro Group, LYA is proud to be a UK manufacturing business. By bringing all manufacturing and assembly in-house, LYA’s clients benefit from quality assurance (including ISO 9001:2015), reduced lead times and an improved competitive position.

The LYA range of luminaires can be found across the UK from prison cells, police stations and law court lighting to hospital wards and healthcare facilities, to schools, underpasses. 

Our expert team also has experience of working on a variety of projects globally including prisons and correction facilities in Bahrain, New Zealand and Australia.