Lucca Standard

Lucca Standard Luminaire with both LED arrays illuminated

Lucca – Multi-mode Circular Bulkhead Luminaire

Lucca Bulkhead – Multi-mode surface mounted round luminaire

Features & Benefits

  • Lucca in standard configuration is a low-profile circular luminaire for surface mounted applications
  • Aluminium body with steel mounting plate
  • IP20 rated
  • Direct and Indirect (down light and up light with separate LED arrays) output options, plus combined output
  • Back light capability, creating 3 different output modes in combination
  • Removable gear tray, universal fitment across the entire Lucca range
  • DALI / Switch dim as standard
  • 2200K, 3000K, 4000K and 4200K, plus Melagen dynamic lighting, all CRI>90
  • Available from stock

Available with Melagen technology – complementing human circadian rhythms by outputting blue enriched light during the day and blue depleted light into the evening, encouraging melatonin production when needed. More details on Melagen.

Primary Applications

  • High Risk – Staff areas in low, medium and high-risk secure services
  • Custodial – Staff and maintenance areas
  • Mental Health – Staff and maintenance areas
  • Infrastructure – Waiting rooms, staff areas and maintenance areas


Lucca 250

  • Diameter 250mm
  • Depth 90mm

Lucca 350

  • Diameter 350mm
  • Depth 90mm

Specification Assist

Round bulkhead, decorative with aluminium body, 3 output modes including up light (indirect), down light (direct) and combined (both) output modes. Part L compliant (>95lm/W), low flicker adjustable LED driver, replaceable LEDs with CRI >90 and lifetime in excess of 72,000 hours

Optional Extras

  • 4000K (5% higher lumen)
  • Switchable up/down
  • Melagen (350 only)

The Lucca Range

Clear Filters
Lucca Standard
Lucca Standard
Lucca Anti-Vandal
Lucca Anti-Vandal
Lucca Anti-Ligature
Lucca Anti-Ligature

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