Ministry of Justice Approved

As a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of fully compliant Ministry of Justice custodial lighting we understand the exacting needs of your demanding environment. We work with you to ensure that your lighting does not contribute to abuse or self-harm and that they can’t be used to cause burns or other accidents or incidents. Understanding that rehabilitation is an important element of the custodial experience our safety considerations are balanced with design and development for future needs.

Light Years Ahead retrofit solutions are British designed and manufactured on site at our dedicated plant in Suffolk.

Custodial Lighting Range

Alcatraz LED Linear
Alpa LED Retrofit
Enduralux LED Bulkhead
Enduralux LED Linear
Enduralux X LED Bulkhead
Enduralux X LED Linear
Sirius Panel Recessed Luminaire
Protectalux LED Bulkhead
Protectalux LED Cornice
Protectalux Low Profile
Protectalux Linear
Protectalux X LED Bulkhead
Protectalux X LED Linear
Protectalux Emergency Bulkhead
Iris Anti-Ligature Bulkhead
Iris Anti-Ligature RGBW Bulkhead
Smoke Detector Cover
Ventilation Grille
Ventilation Grille With Frame


Many years of design, development, testing and experience has resulted in a unique lighting offering that exceeds the most stringent of standards set by the Ministry of Justice for use in standard and safer cell accommodation. To eradicate any points of weakness LYA lenses are a single, continuous piece of polycarbonate that entirely encloses the internal architecture.

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