Decarbonising Prisons – A Brighter, Budget-Friendly Future with LED Retrofits

Decarbonising Prisons – A Brighter, Budget-Friendly Future with LED Retrofits

Time is ticking for fluorescent lamps and bulbs, while the call to decarbonise prisons is stronger than ever. Light Years Ahead presents a strategic solution to illuminate the future – LED retrofits that not only save costs today but future-proof your prison’s lighting infrastructure. Re:Light your custodial facility today, for an economical, ecological tomorrow. Contact us on +44 (0)1787 881191 or via email at for further information and to arrange a no-obligation site survey.

Illuminating the Future – LED Upgrades for Prisons

In the evolving landscape of prison management, staying ahead is key. The imminent market ban on fluorescent tubes, guided by RoHS directives (details on timings here), underlines the urgency to upgrade to LED lighting. Light Years Ahead retrofit gear trays are the answer, seamlessly replacing outdated infrastructure, extending the lifespan of existing fittings, and ensuring a well-lit, secure environment for years to come. By using the existing body metalwork as well as existing lenses (if still serviceable, however we are also able to supply replacement retrofit lenses) you can save money while also bringing the inner workings of your lighting infrastructure up to date with Part L compliant luminaires.

LED Illuminated - cluster
Retrofitting of gear tray for opal lens

Retrofit Tray for Opal Lens

Retrofit Tray for Clear Lens - Re:Light

Retrofit Tray for Clear Lens

Strategic Savings – More Than a Budget Decision

Investing in LED retrofits is a strategic move, aligning immediate cost savings with long-term benefits. Upgrading existing fluorescent fittings with Light Years Ahead retrofit gear trays not only reduces current operational costs but strategically avoids the inevitable service disruptions that would arise from a lack of fluorescent tubes, as well as reducing the required prison escorts for engineers, due to the lower level of work involved to remove and install. It’s not just about today’s savings; it’s about securing your facility’s lighting infrastructure for the future, enhancing safety and security in every corner.

Effortless Transition – Phased Modernisation with Retrofit Lenses

The journey to a brighter, more efficient future needn’t be disruptive. Light Years Ahead introduces retrofit lenses, offering a phased approach to modernising your lighting. Start with our gear trays for immediate benefits, then seamlessly integrate retrofit lenses as your budget allows. This modular solution brings your entire lighting estate up to date without a significant upfront investment. It’s a flexible approach to modernisation, suitable for every budget.

Pound Sterling symbol with watermarked fluorescent tubes behind

Ready for a Brighter, More Efficient Future?

Embrace a brighter future with Light Years Ahead. Contact us today for a personalised consultation. Let our team tailor a cost-effective LED retrofit solution that aligns with your budget and enhances the illumination in your facility. Upgrade now to ensure a well-lit and secure environment for the future.

Save Time, Save Expense, Save the Environment

At Light Years Ahead, we believe in more than just lighting. Save time, save expense, and save the environment with our LED retrofit solutions. Contact us on +44 (0)1787 881191 or via email at for further information and to arrange a no-obligation site survey. Let’s illuminate a brighter, budget-friendly future together.

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